“Apologetics 101 – What Every Christian Should Know” Catholic Apologetics Conference, Saskatoon, SK, Canada (18 June 2016

“The Christian Family: Key to Building a Culture of Life” Annual Pro-life Seminar sponsored by the New Hampshire Knights of Columbus, Concord, NH (17 April 2016)

“The Marks of a Catholic Education” for The Call of the Catholic Teacher Seminar, Fredericton, NB (2 April 2016)

“Our Suffering and Christ’s Passion” for the Rediscovering your Spiritual Roots Lenten lecture series, Sts Patrick and Raphael Parish, Williamstown, MA (16 March 2016)

“Holiness in the Home” as Key Note Speaker for Western Canadian Catholic Homeschool Conference, Edmonton, AB (11-12 March 2016)

“The Case for Catholic Education” and “Workshop on Public Speaking” as Key Note Speaker for Western Canadian Catholic Homeschool Conference, Edmonton, AB (11-12 March 2016)



“St. Augustine’s Confessions and the defense of classical education” Hillsdale College, Department of Education, Hillsdale, MI (6 November 2015)

“The Uses of Literature for Faith” Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Conference, Dominican University College, Ottawa, ON (2 October 2015)


‘Why Some Lovers Stay Happy: The Quest for Lasting Love’ Sophia-Teachers Institute, in-service seminars for Catholic Teachers in New Hampshire, Bedford, NH (17 November 2014)

‘The Artist After God: A History with a Lesson’ The Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series, Catholic Artists Society & The Thomistic Institute, New York University Newman Center, New York City (8 November 2014); invited lecture for the 19th Century Boston Art Program Series, Thomas More College, NH (25 July 2014)

‘What Therapists Can’t Cure: The Power of Confession’ Sophia-Teachers Institute, in-service seminars for Catholic Teachers in New York, NY (31 October 2014)

‘Dante and Four Lessons on the Moral Life’ Sophia-Teachers Institute, in-service seminars for Catholic Teachers in New Hampshire, Bedford, NH (17 October 2014)

‘Not a Book but a Brotherhood: The Reason for Baptism’ Sophia-Teachers Institute, in-service seminars for Catholic Teachers in New Hampshire, Bedford, NH (19 September 2014)

‘St. Luke meets Dr. Faustus: The Battle for the Physician’s Soul’ Catholic Medical Guild, White Mass Dinner Lecture, Tampa, FL (13 September 2014)

Invited Plenary Response to ‘Catholic culture and the formation of life’ for the opening of Twenty Years of Catholic Studies Conference, University of Mary, Bismarck, ND (29-31 August 2014)

‘Building Blocks for a Catholic Philosophy of Education’ for the Immaculate Heart of Many New England Home School and Parent Conference, Lowell, MA (8 August 2014)

‘The Long War Against the Family’ and ‘Holiness at Home’ for the Faith in the Family Conference, Fredericton NB (27 July 2014)]

‘Why Read the Great Books?’ TMC Great Books Summer School Program, Thomas More College (5 July 2014)

‘Making things Invisible Visible’ Italian Community Association, Halifax, NS (8 February 2014)

‘How to Build a Catholic Culture’ Invited Guest Speaker for Veritas Bookstore’s 20th Anniversary Celebration – Canadian Martyrs Church, Halifax, NS (7 February 2014)



‘Augustine’s Confessions on Liberal Education’ Chesterton Academy, Minneapolis, MN (8 November 2013)

‘How the Incarnation Transformed the Liberal Arts’ University of Minnesota Christian Faculty group, Minneapolis, MN( 8 November 2013)

‘The Joy of Faith in an Age of Unbelief’ St. Paul Cathedral, St. Paul, MN (7 November 2013); Pittsburgh University Newman Center, Pittsburgh Oratory, (16 April 2013); St. Thomas Church, Canterbury, NB (25 March 2012)

‘The Philosophical Roots of Modern Church Architecture’ invited lecture for the 19th Century Boston Art Program Series, Thomas More College, NH (31 July 2013)

‘Dante’s Divine Comedy and Four Lessons for the Moral Life’ St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg, MB (26 July 2013)

‘Why Marriage is Rational’ Sidloski Residence, Saskatoon, SK (24 July 2013)

‘The Crisis and Renewal of Catholic Education in Canada’ invited lecture for the Rebuilding Catholic Culture Conference at St. Anne’s Church, Saskatoon, SK (17 July 2013)

‘The Past and Future History of St. Augustine’s De Magistro’ invited presentation for the University of Pittsburgh Medieval Latin Reading Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA (16 April 2013)

 ‘The Catechism and the Year of Faith’ Eight-part lecture series at St. Christopher’s RC Church, Nashua, NH (January-March 2013)



‘St. Augustine’s Confessions and the tradition of liberal education’ St. Dunstan’s College at the University of Prince Edward Island, PEI (6 July 2012); invited paper for Confessions Revisited Conference, Walsh University, North Canton, OH (26 March 2011)

  ‘God and the Great Books: Why only Religion Can Save the Liberal Arts in Canada’, Conference on Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts in Canada, King’s College, Halifax, NS (28 June 2012)

 ‘The Catechism and the Renewal of the Parish Liturgy’ Our Lady of Fatima Church, Fredericton, NB (6-7 June 2012)

 ‘An Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching’ Catholic Diocese of St. John lay formation group, Villa Madonna, St John, NB (16 March 2012)

  ‘Is the Pope Always Right?’ Theology on Tap, Newman Society at St. Thomas University, NB (9 February 2012)



‘The Rise and Fall of Beauty: From Mimetic to Creative Art’ guest lecturer for course on the Philosophy of Beauty, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB (28, 30 November 2011)

  ‘Of Popes, Parents, and Philosophers: Steps in the Renewal of Catholic Culture’ University of Notre Dame Ethics and Culture Conference, Notre Dame, IN (10 November 2011)

‘The Catechism and the Renewal of Culture’ workshop on the Catechism St. Dunstan’s Church, Fredericton (4-5 November 2011)

  ‘On the Arts of Enchantment: Sacrament and Stone in Christian liturgy’ Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada Conference, University of Toronto (15 October 2011).

  ‘Why does the Church need the Pope? The office of Peter and the offer of Anglicanorum Coetibus’ invited paper for the Toronto Ordinariate Group, Newman Centre, University of Toronto (5 June 2011)

‘Sign and Contradiction: Patterns of Renewal in Contemporary Religious Life’ talk for the Congregation of the Divine Spirit, House of Loreto, Canton, OH (9 April 2011).

‘A Brief Introduction to Catholic Moral Theology’ St. Paul’s Church, North Canton, OH, RCIA class (17 February 2011)



‘Why Rock N’ Roll Might Ruin Your Soul: On Music and Some Philosophers’ presentation for Ex Nihilo, Walsh University’s Student Theology Club, North Canton, OH (16 September 2010)

  ‘Pope Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate and the Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching’ invited contribution to Panel Discussion on Caritas in Veritate at St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon (18 November 2009)

‘Augustine on Liberal Education: Defender and Defensive’ Canadian Society of Patristic Studies Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, (25-26 May 2009); University of Saskatchewan, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance Studies colloquium series, Saskatoon (26 March 2009); St. Mary’s University College, Calgary, Faculty seminar series (12 February 2009)

‘Chesterton on Paradox in Apologetics: The Case of Faith and Reason’ Canadian Theological Society Annual Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa (25-27 May 2009)

‘Catholic Studies in Canada: History and Prospects’ Canadian Catholic Historical Association Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa (25-26 May 2009)

  ‘Faith and Reason and the Catholic Catechism’ St Thomas More College RCIA class (27 January 2009)



  ‘Beauty as Revelation: Balthasar on Augustine on Beauty’ Patristics, Medieval, and Renaissance Conference, Villanova University, Villanova, PA (10-12 October 2008)

‘How to Study Piously: Some Augustinian Reasons Why Faith Must Precede Understanding’ Society for the Study of Christian Ethics Postgraduate Conference, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford (8 September 2007)

 ‘Christ as “disciplina dei” in St. Augustine’s Early Educational Thought’ XVth International Conference on Patristic Studies, University of Oxford (6-11 August 2007)

‘Love of Honor, Love of Euthanasia’ Society for the Study of Christian Ethics Postgraduate Conference, Mansfield College, University of Oxford (17 March 2007)

‘St. Augustine and the Defense of Liberal Education’ Middle Common Room Seminar Series, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (7 February 2007)

‘Music in the ascent of the soul: a note on the liturgical significance of St Augustine’s De Musica Bk.VI’ Royal Musical Society Postgraduate Conference, Durham University (20 June 2006)

‘John Locke on Political Toleration’ Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, University of Leeds (3-6 April 2006)